Market Review & Preview 8/12/19

Week of 8/12: 

I’m going to be putting together a weekly market review & preview Sunday nights. I’m going to include information pertinent to the current economy for investors and traders alike. The first section will layout the week ahead’s economic calendar. Economic events provide details & date on market moving information. The two events I highlighted are the CPI and CSI. Consumer spending accounts for 68% of the US economy. However I don’t think this incoming data is going to move the equity markets all too much. As we have seen over the past few months, bad economic data actually spurred equity purchasing in hopes of a rate cut. I felt that it was important to include a section on US treasury yields. Last week we saw US(as well as global) yields drop a significant amount early in the week. Keep in mind when yields go down the value of bonds/treasuries goes up. Money has been moving out of stocks and into bonds/alternatives with rising fears of a global recession. The third section contains last week’s sector performance. The price of oil is absolutely plummeting. Also take note of the decline in transportation. Transportations are a good indicator of how the overall economy is doing. Finally the earnings calendar. There are quite a few large retail companies reporting which will give us a deeper look into how well the US consumer is doing. & Nvidia’s earnings will be key indicators on how the China tariffs are affecting businesses. 

Economic Calendar: 

2 pmFederal budgetJuly-$77 bln
6 amNFIB small business indexJuly103.3
8:30 amConsumer price indexJuly0.3%0.1%
8:30 amCore CPIJuly0.2%0.3%
11 amHousehold debtQ2  
8:30 amImport price index, excluding fuelJuly-0.3%
8:30 amWeekly jobless claims8/10215,000209,000
8;30 amRetail salesJuly0.4%0.4%
8:30 amRetail sales ex-autosJuly0.5%0.4%
8:30 amProductivityQ21.5%3.4%
8:30 amUnit labor costsQ22.7%-1.6%
8:30 amEmpire state indexAug.4.3
8:30 amPhilly Fed indexAug.7.521.8
9:15 amIndustrial productionJuly0.3%0.0%
9:15 amManufacturing outputJuly0.4%
9:15 amCapacity utilizationJuly78.0%77.9%
10 amBusiness inventoriesJune0.3%
10 amNAHB home builders indexAug.65
8:30 amHousing startsJuly1.266mln1.253mln
8:30 amBuilding permitsJuly1.290mln1.220mln
10 amConsumer sentiment indexAug.96.598.4


US Treasury yields3 Mo2 Yr5 Yr10 Yr20 Yr30 Yr
Change -.07-.1-.11-.16-.18-.18

Market Sectors & Indices:

Earnings Calendar:

Word of the week:

Market Capitalization – Market capitalization refers to the total dollar market value of a company’s outstanding shares. Commonly referred to as “market cap,” it is calculated by multiplying a company’s shares outstanding by the current market price of one share. The investment community uses this figure to determine a company’s size, as opposed to using sales or total asset figures.

Earnings calendar provided by: Earnings Whispers

Economic calendar provided by MarketWatch

Market Sectors performance provided by The Wall Street Journal

US Treasury yields provided by The United States Treasury

Market Cap definition provided by Investopedia

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