Market write-up : 9/8/19

Market Write-Up 9/9/19

Good morning. This week’s write-up is going to be short. I will be spending time on different formats for future write-ups. Here are a few charts and calendars to keep you up to speed.



Word of the week: 

Federal funds rate- The federal funds rate refers to the interest rate that banks charge other banks for lending them money from their reserve balances on an overnight basis.


  • A committee of the Federal Reserve sets a target federal funds rate eight times a year, based on prevailing economic conditions. This is known as the FOMC.
  • The federal funds rate can influence short-term rates on consumer loans and credit cards.
  • Investors also pay attention to the federal funds rate because a rise or fall in rates can sway the stock market.
  • Currently the federal funds rate is at 2.25%

Please send me any comments, questions, or criticisms. As always, thank you for reading. 

Definition provided by

Earnings calendar by Earnings Whispers

Economic calendars by Market Watch

Market performance by Barrons

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